About the website Joe-Erlinger.com

This is a non-official website on Joe Erlinger, President of McDonald’s USA.

As the creator of Joe-Erlinger.com, my focus extends beyond the corporate achievements of McDonald’s to crucial governance and ethical concerns. Central to these is my apprehension regarding Mr. Kempczinski’s ascent to the CEO role, potentially in concert with Mr. Steve Easterbrook. This suspicion arises amid significant allegations I’ve made against McDonald’s Corporation, particularly concerning fraud and money laundering, and implicating key figures like Mr. Easterbrook.

My initial response was creating Kempczinski.com (a non-official website on Mr. Kempczinski) to highlight these issues. However, it appears Mr. Kempczinski may not be fully engaging with these serious accusations. Consequently, I find it imperative to reach out to other executives like Ms. Ralls-Morrison and Mr. Erlinger for a more transparent and accountable discourse.

I hold a strong personal conviction that McDonald’s Corporation is facing a crisis of integrity and financial stability, potentially leading to virtual bankruptcy, contingent upon the rigorous application of the law. The scale of the alleged frauds within McDonald’s is too substantial to overlook, and the gravity of the crimes demands immediate and thorough scrutiny.

Through this platform, I aim to shed light on these matters and advocate for a just and lawful resolution. The future of McDonald’s, its stakeholders, and its global consumer base hinges on confronting these challenges head-on.

Vincent B. Le Corre https://www.ecthrwatch.org/authors/vincent-b-le-corre/